Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Perfect Birthday Card for My Sis

Funny card

I saw this and laughed so much in the shop, there were tears in my eyes and I had to move from the display so that the lady next to me wouldn't spy the stupid card I had just picked up.

It is the perfect card for my sis on her birthday, as it depicts a scene from her/Vics* and their boyfriends future ........... The Day when all the fart jokes become insignificant.

You see at the moment we have a running joke about whose boyfriend/girlfriend* is the most flatulent - I probably win by a nose.

To me this is almost the perfect joke, it sets up a scene of such seemingly simple sincerity and expectation then smashes it down with the absurd and slightly gross (but not too offensive), all in three lines.

(*delete as appropriate)