Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I just read this blog entry of K.Restoule

Here are some my answers to help his obviously tormented mind.

1) Yes and they stink to the high heavens above.

2) So you can keep an eye out for it and not leave bear poop footprints on the living room rug.

3) All those after dinner speeches I expect.

4) This would take a whole new list to cover.

5) To help people with speech impediments I guess.

6) Prince or Prince Will?

7) No idea never seen him angry.

8) This a good one so settle down:

Once upon a time, there was a meeting of all dogs in all the world. As each dog entered the great hall they each removed their tails and hung them on the tail hooks provided (makes sitting down for long periods easier).

Now unknown to the dogs the cats had heard about this meeting and decided on causing a bit of mayhem by setting off the fire gongs. So on hearing this the dogs all jumped up and ran from the building (to the appropriate fire meeting points) and whilst passing the hooks they all grabbed a tail.

Now in the rush the tails had been mixed up and they all had to check each others tails to find their own (some have never been found). So since that day dogs check each others tails to make sure they have the right one and as a symbolic gesture of that event. Also this is why the dogs have it in for cats now as they have been stuck with a smelly greeting rather than a pawshake or nose rub.

9) Yeah especially when the tin can be mixed up with that expanding foam filler (a very dangerous prank), but it doe shave more flavour.

10) Used to make me smile too until I saw "Naked Lunch".

11) He's a tight arse with out phone credits.

12) The law of probability states that the first was so bad the second can only get better. Or was it that the Ethnic Cultural Cinema Society had some money left over at the end of the tax year so they gave it to the rednecks.

13) I didn't know she had an apartment in your block.

The last two I have no idea on.

There I hope that is some help to you K.