Monday, June 25, 2007

Lets have a look at what you could have won!

Just came across something that I just have to share (with all 2 of you that occasionally read this).


Just how cool is this, you can be a contestant on all those really good but cheesy game shows of yesteryear that you always secretly wanted to be on such as:

The Price is Right with that squeaky voiced guy - shame it should of been Leslie Crowther really.

Bullseye with Jim "Keep out of the black and in the red, nothing in this game for 2 in a bed" Bowen.

Blockbusters with Bob "can I have a 'P' please" Holness.

Countdown with the Des Lynam and Carol Vorderman - again would of been superb with the late great Richard Whiteley.

CatchPhrase with Roy "say what you see" Walker.

Family Fortunes with Vernon Kay again should of been Bob Monkhouse or Max Bygraves.

They are all really well done and spliced with good quality video footage (even the ad breaks between rounds are true to real TV here in the UK).

The humour is still there with them, even the really poor prizes on Bullseye.

It brings up the question of who are the real icons in society today? Big Brother/X factor contestants, The Beckhams etc who are these people compared to the iconic heroes of Holness, Bygraves, Bowen, Whiteley and Crowther. Bring back the game show - this reality TV rubbish is dead, past it's sell by date. Our TV viewing needs to be led by great figureheads, welcoming us with an instantly recognisable catchphrase and holding our hands as we oooh and aaah our way through the prize selection on a Saturday night. We don't want to be entertained by mediocre show offs grasping for fame by any means, we want to see the sheetmetal worker from Wolverhampton winning a speedboat that he has absolutely no use for.

Take a look, pull on those Farah trousers, splash on the Brut, crack open a can of Skol or pour yourself a Snowball and pretend it's 1984 all over again.