Wednesday, May 26, 2004

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Weekend 21-23 May 04

Well what a glorious weekend. The weather was fine, and I meet up with some old friends, much drinking and merriment took place so here goes......

Friday 21st May 2004

Ok, so I arrived down in Sheffield (eventually) at about 18:30, I think. After dropping the car off and catching a cab down to 'The Priory' only to find my esteemed (or steamed) hosts in the 'Chambers'. By this time the drinks were already flowing and Lisa, Karl and Jason were well into several rounds of "sex and the city" type drinks. We proceeded to some other quieter pub to get formally introduced and catch up on the gossip. It's been eight years since I last saw Lisa - she hasn't changed a bit, well not much anyway, which is great to know. Whereas my appearance has changed enough for me to be almost able to walk past her without her realising!
Several drinks later onto another bar (the name by now escapes me), where upon we take on the challenge of a couple of bottles of wine and some indoor people fishing - if my memory serves me correct a rather silly game of trying to catch someone's attention by pretending to cast a line at them, well it was fun at the time!
Caught a cab back to the house at some point, after meeting and losing other members of the party. Where a slap up meal of chips and something was prepared, whilst Lisa showed off her fencing skills and I emptied the dehumidifier (yes, you'll do the bizarre when drunk). This is when the camera made an entrance and some rather drunken shots taken.
Then proceeding to the livingroom to view some old photographs. We then slept soundly till the early hours on the sofa when the bed called, this was the obvious and more comfortable place to get some zzz's after all!

Saturday 22nd May 2004

After waking at a reasonably late hour, breakfast was out of the question so a drive into the Peaks in search of manna was embarked on. But alas my car was nowhere to be seen (well an extra 200 yards up the road where I had parked it the night before). So after a good 30 mins we, Lisa and I, were on our way. Whereupon we stumbled across 'The Chequers Inn' at Froggatt Edge. The food was excellent, I enjoyed the lamb shank in redcurrant sauce and Lisa consumed the sirloin with Stilton sauce.
We eventually arrived at our intended destination of Bakewell, to purchase some Bakewell Puddings and Homity Pie, have a look round the town and collect a very fetching parking ticket (oh dear).
When we made our way back to Sheffield where there was just enough time for a quick 40 mins shuteye before heading onto Durham to see Mark.