Sunday, January 30, 2005

To all you BE/BC travellers

Ok here's the score, I've noticed an increase in traffic to my little blog via BE/BC etc but no-one ever leaves a comment or even says Hello.

I'm not a violent person, but when needs must I can always call on certain contacts or even get my own hands dirty.

So here's the deal, leave a message/comment or the Teddy Bear gets it.

You know it makes sense, my son!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Today's Post for the not-so-patient

Today I've Faf-all to say to the world so there!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

This makes me so sad

I've been doing the whole BE/BC surfing thing tonight and there are so many Blogs out there with pictures of snow and stuff - I'm so seriously jealous. There's never any of that here and my poor old snowboard never gets out to play! Boo Hoo Hoo

So I'm doing an appeal, if you've got any spare snow lying about, post me a message and we can arrange a way of shipping over a ziplock bag full or something.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Just a quick note to say Well done and Congratulations to Gary, Julie (especially as she did 99% of the work - I hear G's contribution was only a small part fnarr fnarr), Connal and now their newest family member Olivia Ashleigh Raper. Take a look at his little chunk of cyberspace to see some pics and details.

Again well done to you all, and I hope to be out there soon. She'll do well as we almost share a birthday so she'll be an absolute belter just like moi!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Things I have learnt from children.....

I was sent an e-mail with these snippets of learned informationthat I just have to share.

  • A king size waterbed holds enough water to fill a 2000 square foot house 4 inches deep.
  • A 3 year old child's voice is louder than 200 adults in a crowded restaurant.
  • If you hook a dog leash over a ceiling fan, the motor is not strong enough to rotate a 42 pound boy wearing Batman underwear and a Superman cape.
  • If you hook a dog leash over a ceiling fan and tie it to a paint can, it does spread paint on all four walls of a 20x20 room.
  • When using a ceiling fan as a bat, you have to throw the ball up a few times before you get a hit.
  • A ceiling fan can hit a baseball a long way.
  • The glass in windows (including double pane windows) doesn't stop a baseball hit by a ceiling fan.
  • When you hear the toilet flush along with the words "uh oh," it's already too late.
  • A six-year old can start a fire with a flint rock even though a 36 year old man says they can only do it in the movies.
  • Certain Lego blocks will pass through the digestive tract of a 4 year old.
  • Play-Doh and microwave should not be used in the same sentence.
  • Super glue is forever.
  • No matter how much Jell-O you put in a swimming pool, you still can't walk on water.
  • Pool filters do not like Jell-O.
  • Garbage bags do not make good parachutes.
  • You probably don't want to know what that smell is.
  • Always look in the oven before you turn it on.
  • Plastic toys do not like ovens.
  • The fire department in my town has a 5 minute response time.
  • The spin cycle on the washing machine does not make earthworms dizzy.
  • The spin cycle on the washing machine does make cats dizzy, however.
  • Cats throw up twice their body weight when dizzy.

Does anyone else remember....

Watoo Watoo

It was a cartoon about an intergalactic bird that just had to save the day. He/She would call out to get other watoo-watoo's and would also multiply by shaking (if my memories are correct). I think it was a Czech (or some Eastern European) creation. Am I the only one that remembers?

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Tom Jones - Minister for War?

Sex Bomb - US AirForce wanted to create a sex bomb to encourage homosexual feelings amongst the enemy.

What a news story! Ok I saw this link on another Blog whilst doing the 'must get credits thing' on BE or BC and I must apologise as I didn't make a note of the blog at the time - sorry to whoever.
Surely a gaseous viagra/poppers combination is what is called for and my god you wouldn't want to be captured behind enemy lines, well unless your that way inclined. You could also arrange a great decoy/ambush by having a few oiled up marines shouting "oooh chase me, big boy" and then legging it across a minefield!

This news story promoted me to wonder if the Valley's Sex God has had any other subliminal messages in his songs?

Green Green Grass of Home - Welsh Marijuana advertising?
Thunderball - some kind of lottery vision?
Burning Down the House - calling all arsonist to prayer?

I don't know but maybe TJ is somekind of clairvoyant songster?

Friday, January 14, 2005

Free Eye Test

I had to go into the next room!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

All I wanted was to feel special

Wow, I tell you what, that Blogclicker is spreading like wildfire. I signed up last night and now you can't move for referral links on everyones pages - hint hint! I signed up thinking I'd be special and unique as it just wouldn't catch on (surely BlogExplosion had cornered the market), but alas I am so wrong. Good on ya both.

It just shows you how intertwined (or twisted) the blog community is, it's absolutely amazing. Now this is what the net was created for, well and porn, illegal music downloads, selling stuff of shite that nobody should really give a home to etc......

More Blog Traffic?

Ok just seen (and signed up) to this. It seems very, very similar to BlogExplosion, so let's see how it goes and if there are any other good reads out there. So I guess I'll be spending even more time surfing the net trying to gain those elusive bonus credits and extra hits. Surely cocaine is less addictive, this blogthing should come with a government health warining.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Interestingly Dull Factoid #6

Spearmint Chewy Bar Code

The first item to carry a bar code was Wrigleys Gum.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Interestingly Dull Factoid #5

Pyjama - where's that funny word come from , I hear you mutter.

Well like so many English words this was stolen from India. There have been quite a few words that have come from the good ol' days of the Raj my dear boy, ah the days of the Empire, shooting big game, wot wot.
Other such words being Dungaree, Bungalow, Loot and Dinghy.

Makes me wonder what the English language would of been like if it were not for the Romans, Danes, French etc.. (the list is huge) would a blog in English just be Ug, Ug Ug?

Interestingly Dull Factoid #4

Banana's in Pyjamas

There is no such thing as a banana tree. Bananas grow on plants. Oh and they don't wear pyjamas at night either - guess it's too hot where they grow.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Mozilla Firefox tweak

The tweak below for mozilla'a firefox does appear to work, well pages do seem to load up slightly faster sometimes (depending on the content).

Just reread and what a terrible sentence!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Oh found this, does it work?

Here's something for broadband people that will really speed Firefox up:

1.Type "about:config" into the address bar and hit return. Scroll down and look for the following entries:

network.http.pipelining network.http.proxy.pipelining network.http.pipelining.maxrequests

Normally the browser will make one request to a web page at a time. When you enable pipelining it will make several at once, which really speeds up page loading.

2. Alter the entries as follows:

Set "network.http.pipelining" to "true"

Set "network.http.proxy.pipelining" to "true"

Set "network.http.pipelining.maxrequests" to some number like 30. This means it will make 30 requests at once.

3. Lastly right-click anywhere and select New-> Integer. Name it "nglayout.initialpaint.delay" and set its value to "0". This value is the amount of time the browser waits before it acts on information it recieves.

If you're using a broadband connection you'll load pages MUCH faster now!

I just want to know does it really make a difference? After all how much data does the average page hold, even with umpteen links, pics etc.

Whimpering Rant

Ok I don't usual put anything much on this little place of mine, but it's about time I wrote something that somebody may (highly unlikely) take the time out to read. I've had the most awful day, and why? Because all day today and now all evening (I can sense it coming), I've been utterly bored stupid - absolutely nothing takes my fancy, even as I type this I can sense me interest fading. I usually hate it when people moan about being bored, after all there is always something that you can be getting on with, surely. Well today I've seen the otherside.

Bored, bored, bored.

Anything on the TV? - I doubt it
Play a game - nope not interested
Read some Blogs - just can't be arsed
Surf the net - yawn.
Read a book - can't concentrate
Go for a walk - no it's wet and cold out
Clean the house - argh where would I start
Chat to someone online - but no-ones on
Music - I've listened to 30 tracks already and can't listen to more than 10 seconds
Pick the fluff from me navel - nah leave it be
Pick up the paints and get creative - no spark present

Anyone got any ideas?

Ok I've polished off the best part of a bottle of vino nondescripto, to try and liven things up. But all that's livened up is next door (sounds like the teenage girls birthday - j-lo pumping out now, and girls screaming "go girl" etc... sounds terribly boring.

Boring sounds like snoring - somthing people do when bored.

Sod this I'm bored, going to stare at the wall or something.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Interestingly Dull Factoid #3

Whip crack away, whip crack away!

The noise of of a whip cracking is actually a mini sonic boom as the tip of the whip breaks the sound barrier. - note to self lose the whips and chains.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Random Word of the Day


Reason: because that's me, that is!