Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Perfect Moment

It happened to me yesterday, every so often you get that perfect moment however small. I don't ask for much in life (even less the older I get), but yesterday the planets aligned just for me. You know that moment where everything clicks, that perfectly effortless swing and hole-in-one shot, a 3 point basket to win the game at the last instant, when you catch the ball on a volley and it flies into the back of the net from 30 yards. That first moment where you raise your eyes to meet the gaze of the person you know you are destined to spend the rest of your life with. That time where it all becomes crystal clear, makes sense and wisdom is yours, nirvana, enlightenment, call it what you like.

Ok here's how it happened:

I was in the flat living room, Vics was perched on the edge of the sofa enjoying a cup of coffee. The sun was shining for just a brief instant, the distant chirrup of birds could be heard through the ajar window. I carelessly thumbed a piece of blu-tack.

I don't know why but I just said it, I wasn't feeling particularly lucky, so I've no idea why, but the words "I bet I can get this in your cup from over there" parted from my lips. I strode over to the corner of the room and turned around. I noticed Vics tried to cover her cup with her hand and leant forward in a protective manner. I honestly didn't think I'd get anywhere near but without even the thought "Ah might aswell give it a try" I set the piece of blu-tack on it's effortless flight.....

Time slowed down, the projectile slowly rotated as it traveled it's parabolic path.

There was silence.

I waited.

Vics waited.

The birds outside waited.

Everything stopped.

A small eternity* passed.


Everything seemed to explode as time accelerated to normal speed, except me I was still frozen.

The coffee splashed upwards and over Vics hands and onto the laminate floor. She jumped back swearing at me for being such a kid, something about growing up etc. I don't really know exactly what she was saying as all I could hear was the ringing sound of Plop in my head. Oh what a blissful sound, so right for the moment. It wouldn't of been the great shot that it was if it didn't have that Plop!

At that instant I just felt an inner calm and peace, but at the same time pure undiluted ecstatic happiness.

Vics did not see it quite that way. Infact it took a little persuading for her to see that the coffee wasn't such a big deal - no use crying over spilt cappuccino!

Anyway that was my Perfect Moment..... Plop.

I'm sure Vics account would be completely different, I may ask her to put up her version to compare.

*despite the common belief, eternity does come in different sizes, small, medium and large or is it short, tall and grande now?

Friday, December 02, 2005

Re: Article of the Day - Poodle Hybrids

Just noticed in my sidebar the item on Poodle Hybrids. Well it just happens that a buddy of mine has gone and got his daughter a ickle puppy and it's a Jack Russell/Shih Tzu cross, but this article doesn't cover the name for such a dog, so they've called it a Jack Shit - with the running joke:

"What's a Jack Shit?"
"All over the house!"

Bada bing bada bam!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Blast from the Past

Never guess what I saw today! Nope, not that (though I would of liked that). I saw a discarded Ring-pull, Pull-tab, Zip top or whatever you want to call it. I saw one lying on the pavement and actually had to double back to check that me eyes weren't playing tricks. You know the type the ones that would always be lying about playgrounds and all over the place after parties etc. The ones that you could break in two and then use the flat piece as a spring to catapult the ring part across the room (you could probably take someone's eye out at twenty paces) - am I the only one to of done this?

nowadays we have the "stuck to the can" type and what a difference these have made to keeping the streets clean. I can't think of many items that have proved so successful - I mean that is what I really call progress - forget about your ipods and mobile phones. All we need now are cigarette filters stays attached to the smoker and chewing gum that dissolves or something and the streets would be spotless!