Friday, April 29, 2005

Non-Election News

As you may or may not know, we Brits are caught in the vice like grip of the last week of election fever..............not! I sometimes think we should take a step in the American direction and have some Las Vegas style rallies, maybe some tag-team wresting events featuring Teflon Tony/John "Bulldog" Prescott vs Michael "The Assassin" Howard/Oliver "Ripper" Letwin vs Charles "The Wolf" Kennedy/The Shadow(*not sure if there is anyone else in the party). Look at the success of the likes of Reagan or even Arnie Shwarzenhowdyouspellitneigarruhruhruh... then again what dynamic actors would we promote into politics Hugh Grant? Not much better, really. So what do we get "the BattleBus" and Seb Coe (middle distance runner). No wonder so many aren't interested in politics here.

However some news that did catch my eye today was the incident involving The Fall Guy.

I'm just amazed! What speed do you have to be doing to fire a BMW (carrying 3 passengers), across a lawn, through a fence, signpost, small tree then hit a regular kerb to launch yourself into the first floor of a house. I'm also surprised they haven't found the third guy who ran off, hint he'll look a bit like Lee Majors!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Crouching Bunny; Hidden Rabbit

I was sent this (many of you may of already seen), but it's the first thing that's made me laugh in awhile. Just click on the pic below for some Bunny-Fu!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm chuffed

Hello again. Today I'm so chuffed as I've justed noticed that whatever music I listen to, my profile pic dances to it perfectly. Ok I haven't tested it with every genre but hey I don't have any Daniel O'Donnell albums (and I'm not going to start downloading one either!). So just turn on your media player, hi-fi or should it now be i-pod and listen away. I'd be interested in knowing the strangest track I shake my booty too.

At the moment I'm listening to the latest Hed Kandi album and I haven't missed a single stompng beat. I completely rocked to The Who and Green Day, and got down to the Bee-Gees like a disco diva.

Oh if you try and make me dance to Celine Dion, any boy band or some of that so called R'n'B stuff I can't be held responsible for any damage to you or your pc.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Still Decorating the Blog

Ok here's my next attempt at a new look. Once again still needs tweaking a bit.

As you probably can guess I've not been that busy today, hence why I've had the time to do this!

Yep I made my own backgrounds! They are actually from photo's I took on Bonfire/Guy Fawkes (Nov 5th to the rest of the world), then I just played around creating negative images and stuff. I toyed with the idea of having the actually main text areas transparent, but it all got a bit hard to read (still is in places, I know).

Oh well best get on with some other stuff.

Monday, April 11, 2005

I need some help Llewelyn-Bowen

I doubt anyone will of noticed but I've been playing about with the design of the blog. Thing is I can't decide on the colour (notice the "u" my trans-atlantic friends, it's not a spelling mistake, it's the way it's supposed to be spelt. Same as the "ph" in sulphur, (no matter what IUPAC say), otherwise phosphorous would be fosforous and I would of worked for a farmaceutical company (then again with the progress in genetic modifications I suppose the likes of Monsanto are??).

Anyway I've wandered off the subject there. So if any of you have any opinions (on the colour scheme only) please feel free to comment. I'm thinking of getting rid of the oranges, but I still want to stay with the dark background, mmmm may just go monochromatic and keep it all uniform in that way.

Oh and do you like me new profile gif?