Thursday, May 26, 2005

Meme thingamajiggies

Meme - basically I can't be arsed with. I don't even know how you pronounce it, is it 'me-me' or 'mem'

Ok I know they are great for finding a little bit about a person, and can inspire a bit of a blog entry from the most uninspired blogger (I am the king of lacklustre) - so great. But and it's a big one, it leads to having to read the same entry for 59 different people (blogs of which you wouldn't really interest you in the first place), just to see 1) if anyone has the same thoughts as you. 2) then if someone has put down the same as you may want a change it.

Also I never know when I've been memed as I don't religiously read a lot of blogs, then I hate the guilty feeling of not of blogged immediately. Ok I can't handle the pressure involved, the expectations and let downs. Aaaargh!

Then again I don't have a blogcircle of friends so I wouldn't have anyone to send it on to! Now that is kinda cool or sad - I'm not sure yet.

It's the same as those e-mails you get that insist that if you don't pass it on you'll have umpteen years bad luck, never find love/have sex (you choose), grow extremely long nasal hair etc. I just won't partake on principle! Stubborn me? No, I just can't be arsed!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Art - What were they thinking?

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Nicest Thing I've Heard Recently

I like to listen to the radio a lot, actually when I'm on my own it's on pretty much on all the time, maybe it's just a comfort thing having a voice on in the background etc. It's a good gauge of age as well as I basically only listen to BBC Radio 2 and Radio 4 nowadays. I think the BBC produces some of the best radio plays, documentaries, comedies and talk shows in the world - take a listen while you blog via the web (actually it's one of the best examples of t'internet and another media format working together really well, mark my words one day televisual programmes will be viewable in the same way - oh they already are).

Anyway back to the purpose of this entry. I was in my car (or was it the kitchen) listening to Wogan - yep I'm a Tog, when they quoted a saying that supposedly a child was heard saying. I want to share it with all you fine folks as I thought it was "the nicest thing I've heard recently" - this is my one and only soppy entry so enjoy it before Mr. Macho gets back.

"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth."

Friday, May 13, 2005

Random Word of the Day


Reason: *parp* 'scuse me..... erm no reason

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It's all about Style and Culture

So I've played about with the background look of the blog. To keep up with the arty feel to it all I suppose some of the content should reflect this also. I'm thinking about doing an occasional entry with some images of my personal favourite pieces of art work (hopefully I'll be able to borrow some pics from Vics - she's in Madrid and on order to visit the Prado).

So may I present:

Statue of David by Michelangelo
It is perhaps one of the most famous pieces of sculpture in the world today. I was lucky enough to visit Florence and see it for real (although I was only young at the time - must go back at some point). It is an absolute masterpiece, it is almost perfect, proportionally, the pose, the sense of youth and strength. It always brings a smile to my face.

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Strange Times #1

Dead Zone (New Scientist 7 July 1988)

In the sunshine state of California Robert Hanshew was stopped dead on his tracks recently by the state's highway patrol. He had been driving in one of California's "car pool" lanes. A special lane, invariably faster, which means drivers can use only if they have at least two passengers.

Hanshew, 35, who transports cadavers for a mortuary, told the officer that he had four dozen corpses in the back of his van, and that qualified him to drive in the lane. No, the judge didn't buy it either. Hanshew was fined $58. Hardly a stiff sentence, though.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Keyword Analysis Results

I've been having a nosy about and loads of you out there are getting some pretty weird and wonderful keyword search results thrown up. Now I have had nothing more exciting than inkblot or bestman speech, so I am to remedy that by having the occasional strange or perverse topic. Actually do I really want to encourage people looking for turkey milking services, imploding breasts or shirehorse fetishes? Oops too late - Get away you dirty perverts! hehe there's going to be some disappointed folk out there now!

Oh I must be so bored to be doing this.

So to start. A while back there was a series of programmes on channel 5 (where else) on unusual sexual behaviour, you know the stuff wife swapping, beastiality etc. I'm not condoning such behaviour by the way but it did make rather interesting viewing, especially after a few beers and in good company to have a cringe at other peoples antics. Strangely enough the main characters in this documentary were all American red neck hillbilly types (so I'm not sure if this was planned as to play on the all ready popular stereotype of them being a little inbred. Anyway there were two memorable moments in the show:

Firstly, some guy was complaining that on the occasions that he could prise his Shirehorse from his wife(hence the earlier reference) and let it mount him, it would bite his back and neck! OMG what is he on about? He's letting a horse bugger his hick arse and he's worried about it chomping his back and leaving horsey lovebites!

Secondly, and possibly one of the funniest but strangest things ever seen on television. Two middle aged women doing the washing up, gazing out of the window (not so strange so far), add some kind of Kentuckian/HillyBilly accent and a conversation something like this came forth;

woman 1 "I don't know if I prefer sex with ma dawg or ma man"
woman 2 "All depends on the dawg, all depends on the man"
Well to say the least we were rolling on the floor in hysterics, it was the dead pan matter of fact way it was all said. As if sex with faithful fido was the most natural thing in the world, come on ladies apart from being closely related to all the men in your trailer park, there must be some that are ok!