Saturday, November 26, 2005


Just saw this and it made me laugh.

All that hoo-ha to see if the kitty has Vitamin A deficiency - surely just feeding her a couple of pounds liver would be cheaper and more enjoyable for the pussy..... with onions and a nice bottle of Chianti fnafnafnafanfna!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Research on my Name

Ok I know that this is a little self-indulgent, but it was just pure coincidence, really honest. After my appalling search on "Stefanio needs" etc, I received an e-mail with a link to a numerology site. I've given it a go and here's an abridged version of the result (just the best bits)!

Stefanio, your Life Path of 6 ...

"You have a deep love and concern for...nurses."

"Your life path is often filled with...a pillar."

"Like most sixes, you probably were some kind of child prodigy...This is because your brilliant."

"You often marry...obstacles...with children"

"one of your life challenges is to...chew...a fool."

Stefanio, your Expression of 5 ...
Your Potential Natural Talents and Abilities

"You are..blessed with a...mind...problem"

"You are very...nimble..and...also have enormous... situations."

"The last thing will try...leads to...odd...dreams"

Stefanio, your Soul Urge of 4 ...

What You Desire To Be, To Have, and To Do In Your Life

"Your soul...often leaves...a messy room"

"being obsessed blocks...often results feeling powerless"

"You secretly...keep the fabric...gauged"

"You sometimes forget your own...stench paralyzes"

Pretty darn accurate if you ask me, and I'm usually so cynical to all this mumbo jumbo. Now where did I put my energy blocks nursey?

Monday, November 14, 2005

Car Woes Gone

As you may or may not know I've been having a little trouble with my beloved Fiat Coupe (Bananamobile to the heathens amongst you - yes you know who you are). The problem that I've been having is that if left for a couple of days the battery would end up as flat as the chest on a smacked-up teenage supermodel. I couldn't find what the drain could be for the life of me, and just thought the battery was duff and needed replacing (which I did as the continual mains charging definitely killed it off in the end).

After much searching mainly at the Fiat Coupe Forum, I found a post regarding a similar problem and the eventual culprit was discovered to be the boot (trunk) light wasn't turning off when closed. I was left with no option but to test this out by placing my other beloved in the said boot and closing the lid for a few hours. Boy can she be narky, I always thought keeping a wild animal in the dark was supposed to soothe and pacify - how wrong can a guy be. Oh well now both of the ladies in my life growl at me, one when I put my foot to the floor, the other when I put my foot through the door. C'est la vie.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Stefanio wants/needs.........

A few of you are doing this at the moment, ie Vics and Caity. I thought it was pretty cool so had a go.

What am I talking about, well using Google (or your search engine of choice), do a search on "[your name] wants", "[your name] needs" and then post what you get.

Interesting, huh maybe a little fun and a little surprising! Well it would be unless your name happens to be Stefanio. Did I get anything - nope not diddle squit!

So I had to take it a step further gets and has came off the bench to give me that last minute equaliser and winner.

I end up with a prolific search harvest of 1 for gets and 2 for has (one of which was a comment on a blog that I had left, so doesn't count - oh and it was very dull)

"Stefanio gets"

Stefanio gets head. - Woooaaaa who's the daddy - not me apparently as it was a typo, bugger.

"Stefanio has"

Your first name of Stefanio has given you....... - At last a genuine entry, and quite interesting really. It's a Kabalistic look at my name's meaning to my life.

Oh well one out of how many entries on the world wide web is pretty special. Reminds me of the old Googlewhack, but alas mine aren't even Googlewhacks. Ho hum.

Just one last thing a kind of request to you all really, give this go, but also slip in stefanio randomly into your blog/webpages at some point, doesn't have to make sense just hide it in those pages - I will be searching, so go forth and spread the word!

Friday, November 11, 2005

New Features to keep you Entertained

Ok so I'm absolutely hopeless at this blog thing, but I've found a way to kinda cheat at this and keep you entertained and informed. Check out the new Daily Info alongside - this is automatically updated even if I'm not upto posting entries.

Ah if only life could be that easy!