Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Weird thing I've stumbled across and I wanna know why?

Ok I may need some verification on this but, I think coffee granules do not dissolve in alcohol (ethanol).

The reason being last night I was going to make myself a nice coffee with a drop of brandy in, but I decided to try a little rum. Now this is special rum called Stroh, it's an Austria cooking rum (used in confectionaries) with a high 80% vol alcohol content - boy I've had some fun getting people to try it neat! Anyway rather than wait for the water to boil and add the rum in last, I put a little in the cup first off (I wanted to make sure I didn't put too much in) added some sugar (dissolved fine) and then the instant coffee granules - which proceeded to just sit and in the solution and not dissolve at all. Then on adding the boiling water the solution in the cup boiled at first (I guess due to ethanol having a boiling pt of about 78 degrees) and then the coffee proceeded to dissolve.

This makes me curious as to the properties of coffee (always wanted to know how instant coffee is made as is nothing like the bean itself). So can anyone enlighten me?

Random Word of the Day


Reason: none apart from I like the sound of this

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Book Review

Ok I think I might make this a recurring theme in my Blog. A bit of a book review as I finish my current read.

As I'm not a very prolific reader there may be many weeks between, my thoughts.

Book 1: Mr Strangelove - A Biography of Peter Sellers by Ed Soikov
ISBN 0-330-48260-2

Ok I do like a good biography and I did enjoy this window into the life of a troubled (sometimes crazy), comic genius. His background before fame, was somewhat a strange up bringing - maybe why his comedy was sometimes bizarre re The Goons. But boy what a life he led, the string of fabulous Hollywood lovers (or at least in his eyes), the cars, and the glamour of the elitely famous in the 50's and 60's - something no modern day actor or actress can hope to obtain. As then stars were Stars an exclusive and privileged few, jetsetting around the world, friends of royalty and icons to millions.

This book manages to show many sides of Sellers, and was a great insight into a man of many onscreen characters but some how lacking of his own.

All in all a cracking read for a biography buff like myself (maybe a little biased as I love Peter Sellers' films). A good set up for the forthcoming film (if it's not out already) , just have to find someone who'd like to go and see it with me, hint hint biscuit tin.

Ok next read, still on the biographyside (cheers Matt) - either White Line Fever, Lemmy's autobiog or Not Necessarily Stoned, but Beautiful(the making of Are You Experienced), Jimmy Hendrix autobiog. I'll chose tonight and see you shortly.

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My bestman speech

Ok I need a damn fine speech for this weekend, so writing has finally picked up pace from just flicking through websites and trying to think of moments in the grooms life. Well then I need a little help from you fine people out there, any websites available (that you don't need to pay for), anything, old speeches you have lying around and are willing to share (names will be changed to protect the innoccent). [ at least the ads are working and are picking up speech sites ].

So any help much appreciated, please keep it simple, not too many long words, or s-words, I'll be on my way to getting sloshed by then and I have a terrible habit of slurring.

Monday, October 25, 2004

How I've felt today

Tired, Confused, Aching.
Hungry, Worried, Knackered.
Relieved, Disappointed, Anxious.
Frustrated, Happy, Concerned.

There may of been more but an overriding feature of me is that forgetfulness is completely inbuilt.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

24th October 2004

Just had a thought of something to put on here.

I watched the "Green Wing" last night (Saturday) and I have to say it is so funny, with every character getting a laugh (at least thirteen) which is remarkable for a new series. In fact it's one of the funniest things I've seen on the box in an age. So my advice is watch it! It can be viewed on Channel 4 Fridays and Saturday evenings - can't remember the times, hence why I've missed a few episodes or part of. But I will definetly be buying the DVD set when they come out!

"...side splittingly funny!" - Stefanio, Biscuit Weekly

Thursday, October 21, 2004

21st October 2004

Just a quick update to previous post 17th October 2004, well all's been resolved and it's all back on.......... bugger better get on with that speech!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

19th October 2004

Oh look adverts. There, lets see if this really can make some easy money! I'm not sure why when I've looked it's ads for food and BBQ recipes (well I do like my food), but surely it's the wrong time of year! Unless you Aussie's down under take a gander.

Monday, October 18, 2004

18th October 2004

Just a quick entry, well basically note to self. GO TO BED EARLY!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

17th October 2004

Well what a night have I just had. I've never known anything like it! I'm not too sure what to put down here as I don't want to hurt anyones feelings and I'm not here to bitch about anyone (so names maybe changed to protect the innocent), I just want to get some bits off my chest and ask the big question "Why do people do this to each other?" So I apologies now if this gets a bit heartfelt and awkward for some to read.

I went across to see some very good friends, for a nice night in discussing their forthcoming wedding in a fortnights time. The evening started off very well, with an extremely enthusiastic welcome from all there (granted they'd all been drinking earlier in the day). A look at some of the dresses purchased earlier that day and a couple of goes on the superslide - this is awesome, it consists of sitting on the inflatable airbed and going down the stairs into the wall at the bottom, which makes you bounce up! Pretty cool fun, then again it's the simple things that please me.

Anyway back to the meat. I've known both him and her for an equally longtime and I consider them both to be some of my closest and dearest friends (I love both you guys to bits). Infact I was to be bestman at their wedding (I hope they don't mind me saying this but I feel I could of been bestman to either of them - they've both been there for me on many occasions. They've both cheered me up no end when I've been down (they may not know this, but they have on many times when I've needed some company etc). God why am I writing this? Blah Blah Blah.... To cut a long story short, one hell of an argument insued after a supposed friendly game of dilema type questions ie Would you rather blah blah or blah blah. Discuss! To which somethings were said that were very cutting and hence for the full blown arguments (of which I will not go into detail as some of it seemed pretty spiteful, some petty but emotions and drinks were running high and hence everyone's opinions where right, even though there was no definite right or wrong answer) . I get the feeling alot of things have been on the simmer for a while and it all came to the boil last night and this was just the catalyst. I was trying to keep a low profile in the whole bombardment of accusations, name calling etc but I did feel a little pressured to takes sides (which I don't really want to do and it made me feel extremely uncomfortable). Sorry, I know I was there but I hold no grudge towards anyone there last night. Yes I can see certain points from all sides but I will not be made to choose between friends. As far as I am concerned when it comes down to it, it really has nothing to do with me, except that I am a friend to you all and will listen to all your sides. So it now is at the stage were the wedding is off and people are holding some big grudges towards each other. I do so hope this clears up and we all get on in the future, yes granted the wedding may be off (this may be for the best who knows), but can we take a leaf out of the kids book that were present last night and learn to forgive and forget, as they seemed to of done this morning - they probably could teach us alot of things!

So that's my piece, yes pretty heartfelt and of no interest to anyone really. I hope things work out amicably. I know what it's like to lose someone you love dearly and hold as a bestfriend, it will always hurt, so I don't want to lose anymore like this. Maybe I should write this down and send this to you all, or the web address as none of you know about this blog/diary (maybe not in the circumstance of what happened with diaries [private matter which I won't discuss further here]). I hope I've made my position clear as mud, I know it probably could be interpreted in a thousand ways! Finally just to reiterate I'm always here as friend to you all. Enough. The matter is now hopefully closed.

Friday, October 15, 2004

15th October 2004

Ok hi folks sorry about the wait but not had any real inspiration for something mildly interesting to put up here. So I've been giving it much thought (oops telling fibs (where's that expression come from?)), and I've come up with a decidedly fiendish plan on how to put something up on this wonderful Blog of mine went and i've completely lost my train of thought! *Rereads..mmmm oh yes. Now that's where I was, explaining my mode of attack for getting some interest in this tiny little corner of cyberspace (does cyberspace have corners? or is it like the universe and has no determinable shape or size, unless your somekind of genius astrophysicist. I guess it's expanding exponentially but is shaped much like a bowl of spaghetti bolognese, where the spaghetti represents all the hardwiring (network cables, phonelines etc) and the bolognese sauce is all the data whizzing about for all those wireless users)). Anyway I've slightly wandered off track there. Oh yes "The Plan" well it's basically if you haven't guessed, just to waffle on aimlessly and let you "the great masses" out there decide what's good-what's not, what's worth reading and what's complete rubbish (most of it in my view). Having said that, as this has not been well thought through or structured you'd probably have to read the lot to extract any nuggets of wisedom. So you may be thinking this is a complete waste of time, and seeing that everyone only gets a short go of life on this planet the precious few seconds it's taken you to read down to here have been lost for all eternity. I guess then that this has had somekind of major impact on your life even though you may not realise it until on your deathbed you think back at all those wasted moments when you could of been doing something more productive. In the light of that information does this mean this isn't the total and utter codwallop I thought it would be, and could quite possibly mean something! Who knows! (again another one for you to decide). On that note I leave and bid you all farewell and adieu, until next time.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

10th October, 2004

Well lets see what have I been upto since my last posting in May. [Thumbs through Diary]. Not much by the looks of it, sleep mainly and work - eurgh!

Ok let's start a fresh from this point on. I must thank the Lil Broken Biscuit Tin, for inspiring me to put finger to keyboard again.

Now a quick recap on an interesting past week, ok not much that I can put on here as a little too personal, but let's say my faith in human kindness has been restored!

I'll have a little think now and add to this later. See ya folks.