Monday, July 25, 2005

Brand New Blog

Ok boys and girls, I've just finished playing about with a new blog page for my family to record the lives of the family's newest members. Please take a peek at Little Cluckers.

We need some help with naming the second chick, so please leave any suggestions on the above pages (nothing too rude).

Robin's Nest update

It turns out we have a little bird production line going on. The other day we thought there was an extra head in the nest so up to 4 little hatchlings. Then the other night we had another peek in to see 5 little faces peering out at us - no wonder the parents are looking absolutely shattered!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Watch the Birdie

Here's a nice pic from my parents garden. They have a covered area of patio with some wall/hanging baskets of plastic flowers (and yes they have been mistakenly watered by family members looking after the place during holidays - not me I hasten to add). Anyway a couple of Robin Red Breasts have taken up residence there and this is their second clutch of the year; we think there are three little uns there at the moment. I tell you one thing though the amount these little fluffy feathered fellas eat is amazing as both parents are nonstop back and forth from dawn till dusk. They don't seem bothered too much by humans either, we've had barbeques in the back with lights on, people sat round eating and drinking well into the evening. All the robins seem to do is kick up a bit of a fuss if you stand in their usual flight path to the nest, but as soon as you take a step or seat out of the way they just carry on ferrying grubs to the nest.